About Us

Synocus strengthens the innovation capacity of its customers.

Our Approach

Synocus provides Innovativeness as a ServiceTM by engaging deeply with the client in:

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In developing new strategies for our clients we always focus on strengthening their innovation capacity. This can take place both in the private and the public sectors. An example of a new, innovative approach is the development of the Puolarmetsä hospital in the City of Espoo.

Recognized expertise

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Synocus’ expertise in nurturing innovativeness has been recognized by leading experts around the world. Tim Ogilvie, CEO of Peer Insight, recognizes that Synocus and Peer Insight both emphasize the importance of service innovation. Professor Mitchell M. Tseng in turn finds the notion of Business Orchestration to be highly useful in an increasingly flat world.

Our organization

Synocus is a values driven company. Our values: Personal Growth, Customer Orientation, and Fair Process, emerged during the 1990s. They represent the main governing principles of Synocus Group. Learn about our values

Today Synocus is owned by its most senior professionals and has operations in Finland, and China as well as partners in Europe and the US. Synocus also offers IT-platforms and software solutions through Synocus Platforms.