Synocus has conducted research for more than ten years regarding the operationalization of capabilities.

Synocus has conducted over ten years of research  regarding the operationalization of capabilities. We have identified four operational capabilities, and three leadership capabilities. We call the outputs of each capability the 7 C’s of Capabilities.

The figure below depicts the capability map of a community nurturing organization. The most important capabilities are indicated in red.

The operational capabilities and their respective output are:

  • generative capabilities - secure the development of core resources
  • transformative capabilities - develop new offering concepts
  • relationship capabilities - foster value-creating customer interactions 
  • integrative capabilities – form value constellations.

The leadership capabilities and their respective output are:

  • coordination capabilities – provide the conciliation of activities and actors
  • business modeling capabilities - chart the course for the organization
  • culturing capabilities – build the organizational character