Supporting open-ended processes is one of the challenges Synocus employees meet.

A challenging and creative environment 

Synocus' working culture is a reflection of our values: Personal Growth, Customer Orientation, and Fair Process. We expect, and actively support, every individual’s  opportunity to learn and grow as a professional. To achieve this, Synocus provides challenging and interesting project work. As our customers expect us to be creative and agile, Synocus also expects the same of its employees.

Working at Synocus means receiving challenging tasks in sometimes purposefully open-ended processes. Individuals are selected for project teams to provide a rich complementary skill set which will best benefit the customer. Additionally, we have also developed working methods that further spur innovativeness. 

Career progression

Synocus is a highly meritocratic organization. Customers expect us to be true professionals, and we never let our customers down in this respect. The typical duration of a customer project is between 3-12 months, and a typical consultant can be involved in two to four projects simultaneously. A project team usually consists of the senior consultant in charge, the project coordinator and one or two younger consultants. Gradually younger consultants will get more and more responsibilities. A proven capacity to deliver in projects is what provides the basis for a successful career at Synocus. A  stong work ethic and the ability to gain the trust and respect of customers provide the potential to advance quite quickly at Synocus.

Synocus  is a highly creative organization. We have a mixture of educational backgrounds, even though a majority has graduated from a technical university or a business school. As our expertise is gaining increased international recognition, it also means that a growing amount of our work is done together with foreign customers and partners. 

Opportunities for a professional career in Synocus

We are constantly looking for new members to join the successful group of Synocus professionals. You may have a degree in technology, economics or a relevant social science. You probably have capabilities in business, leadership, industrial or IT sectors. But most importantly, you have analytical skills to work with complex problems as well as social skills that enable you to solve these problems together with our customers. With your help we increase the degree of innovativeness within our client’s organization.

We offer

Working at Synocus, you will be a part of a multi-talented team tailoring innovative solutions for clients across industries. You are in an environment strengthening your capacity for strategic thinking, and enabling you to better identify your professional strengths. We tailor your duties to match your capabilities. Although you we expect you to take a strong personal responsibility to become a valued Synocus professional in the eyes of your colleagues and clients, your colleagues lend their support in developing your individual career as well. Get ready for challenges; we set the bar high – but not out of reach.


We are constantly looking for new members to join the successful group of Synocus professionals.

Please email your open application to Teija Virtanen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and we will contact you.