Substance-rich dialogue between the business representatives and the technical expertise.

Collaboration portals are comprehensive and interactive tools for managing the constant flow of new information on market developments. Such portals ensure that an innovation initiative remains on track by providing all of the participants with the information necessary to facilitate collaboration. In creating thse portals Synocus employs a variety of proprietary and open-source solutions, such as Microsoft Sharepoint or Joomla. 

Managing new information

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To keep an innovation initiative on track there is a need to make adjustments considering both what has been originally identified as a profound value-creation opportunity in the market place, and the constant flow of new information about the market’s daily evolution.

Different information has different implications for those who participate in the collaborative innovation undertaking. Therefore one needs to provide each participant with the best possible understanding of the constantly changing business context. This asks for a top-down approach when designing the collaboration portal through which information is gathered, synthesized and disseminated for different user groups. In addition, this portal also has to be flexible enough to accommodate the subsequent addition of new information entities. Portals tailored to specific needs

Another dimension related to the design and implementation of the collaboration portal is the various needs of the user community, the orchestrated ecosystem. As not all users will have the same position of authority and commitment within the ecosystem, it is necessary to have a clear policy for governing user rights and access to information. The requirements are coming from two directions. On one hand usability must be taken into consideration, ensuring that any individual user finding his or her information is as smooth and quick as possible. On the other hand the contractual and legal constraints must also be respected in the design of the collaboration portal.

Employing emerging technologies

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Collaboration portals employ the technologies becoming popular in, what today is known as, social media. But the design principles are in many ways the opposite of what prevails as the common approach to social media design. The collaboration portal is a top-down structured architecture, clearly owned and developed by the central node of the business ecosystem, the orchestrator. Therefore its main design principle is one of carefully architected design, wherein the notions of community and empowered, bottom-up creative elements can be included as value-enhancing sub-modules within the broader architecture.

Through its role as the initiator of the Data Warehousing Europe community in the mid-1990s Synocus has extensive experience of developing and building collaboration portals. This competence forms one of the key cornerstones in Synocus’ support of orchestrated ecosystems.