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The Challenge

Aalto University aims to position itself as a globally leading innovation university. For the City of Espoo, the home of the Aalto campus, this represents both opportunities and challenges. The opportunity created by the success of Aalto University lies in its ability to become a significant attractor of knowledge and talent. The challenge is to find ways for the City to help pave the way for Aalto University to reach its own ambitious goals.

The Solution

Synocus was contacted by the representatives of the City of Espoo to provide support for the development of the integrated development of the Aalto Campus area and the Espoo’s overall strategy towards becoming a globally leading innovation ecosystem.

By accessing its own network of trusted partners Synocus helped to facilitate the launch of the orchestrated initiative Eco Urban Living, which engages not only city representatives and researchers from Aalto but also a number of companies such as Fortum, Nokia and Valmet Automotive. The initiative was publicly launched in June 2010, and during spring 2011 further efforts were mobilized to enable the participating partners to submit a proposal to Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and Technology, to establish a four year demonstration project aiming at positioning the Aalto campus area as a leading eco-conscious innovation hub.

The Benefits

The Eco Urban Living initiative has been seen as a role model for how to establish innovation ecosystems with a strong regional anchoring. Subsequent to the initiation of the Eco Urban Living project the City of Espoo has started several similar initiatives with other partners. The focus has been on using the construction activities of the West Metro, to be completed by 2015, as a catalyst to test and experiment with new forms of public private partnerships, supporting the city’s vision of becoming a globally networked competence hub.

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The City of Espoo, Valmet Automotive, Fortum and Nokia will establish a demonstration initiative for electric cars in Espoo. This Eco Urban Living initiative builds a better understanding for how new more eco-conscious requirements have to be taken into consideration in city planning.

Eco Urban Living, press release
7. June 2010