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The Challenge

The idea of initiating a project looking into the new challenges for networks in the metals sector was brought up when Synocus facilitated the corporate wide scenario process for Metso. For Metso it was relevant to consider if it would be possible to have a number of suppliers join Metso to establish common networked operations in China.

The Solution

Synocus initiated the Glocal Metals project together with five of Metso’s suppliers and developed a program by establishing the three key platforms for the innovation activity to proceed. The demonstration program, i.e. how to establish the networked operations with Metso in China, proceeded through a number of events, in Finland and in China. By engaging Chinese resources to identify other potential Chinese customers, for the Finnish suppliers, the potential customer base was identified as the appropriate factbase to keep the focus on the immediate actions that would provide potential for future revenues. The whole program was also supported by a collaboration portal through which the participants were able to access continuous updates about the project.

The Benefits

The project in itself encouraged the suppliers to work on this issue as part of the financing was secured from Tekes thanks to Synocus’ assistance. The result of the project activities was that all the five participating companies expanded their activities in China during and after the Glocal Metals initiative. The Glocal Metals experience was also noticed by Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, which later asked Synocus to conduct a similar intervention in China on their behalf.

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The Glocal Metals project was awarded Tekes financing as it provided a concrete case-entity. This way a true dialogue between subcontractors and large OEMs was established. This improved the efficiency of the supply network

Ilpo Ihanamäki, project manager, Liito-project.