Synocus China » Lean Management case study

Combining high-level academic lecturing and networking with leading companies.

The Challenge

Tsinghua University was looking for a partner to develop an international training program in lean management. The objective was to have a program that was providing a balanced input of both academic lecturing and company interactions in order for the participants to deeply understand how the lean management concepts are applied in real life contexts in Europe.

The Solution

Synocus in collaboration with its industrial network and leading universities in Europe developed a two week program for Tsinghua University that is built in a modular fashion, so that different modules can be flexibly combined based on the requirements of individual customers. The program will develop an in-depth understanding of lean production knowledge and practices and provide opportunities for high level networking for the participants. 

The Benefits

The developed lean management training program has been introduced to a number of public and private organizations. The development of this program is a concrete example of the network-based approach can provide a cost effective and high quality solution.

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