Strategy development » Metso case study

Hard and soft issues must be blended in a creative way.

The Challenge

Metso is facing a number of competitive challenges. To address the question of what new priorities the changing business environment will impose on Metso, its top management decided to initiate a scenario building exercise and chose Synocus to facilitate the process.

The Solution

Synocus together with Metso management put three objectives on the Metso 2015 –scenario undertaking

  • Provide a learning journey for the participants using a creative and inclusive process 
  • Offer Metso management relevant new facts on the competitive context that will enhance the understanding, and, thereby, improve decision-making 
  • Secure the immediate use of the scenarios in Metso’s strategy work 

The Metso 2015 –initiative was a multi-disciplinary cross-organizational effort to achieve the above objectives efficiently and creatively.

The Benefits

Using its scenario approach Synocus could rapidly engage highly experienced professionals from all divisions within Metso to contribute to the scenario building. Two half-day meetings with the Metso Executive Team secured the anchoring of the scenario formulation to the relevant strategic issues. The recommendations influenced long-term plans and Metso’s strategy. One outcome of the project was thus a new more interactive strategy making process within Metso.

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Balancing global efficiency with local adaptation is on the top of the agenda of large corporations. To succeed in this balancing act leaders cannot choose to either command or delegate. They have to orchestrate. Synocus has developed its own framework for Business Orchestration. Our experience in Metso has been that Synocus provides practical help for managers about how to lead in a world where hard and soft issues have to be blended in a creative way.

Kalle Reponen, Senior Vice President