Innovativeness needs platforms that unite people, money and knowledge.

Synocus Platforms provides organizations with practical platforms for addressing the key elements of innovation: people, money and knowledge. These platforms facilitate a practical, concrete approach to the abstract elements of innovation, thereby enabling an organization to accumulate the insights necessary for truly complex innovations. These platforms employ a variety of both proprietary as well as open-source technologies.

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The elements of innovation

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The notion of innovativeness embodies an open ended process. Innovative behavior implies living with risks. As a result, those in charge must find ways to manage and, where possible, reduce these risks. Synocus’ research and practical experience has shown that in mobilizing individuals and organizations to work together towards an innovation, three different perspectives must be simultaneously considered: people, money, and knowledge. In most cases there is always a scarcity of all three dimensions. So the challenge is to learn to cope with limited resources, but, never the less, be able to move forward. 

Making the abstract concrete

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However, we have also learnt that it is usually not very productive to start to discuss the explicit notions of people, money and knowledge as a means to move the innovation undertaking forwards. All three of these notions are very abstract, and easily lead to political discussions, whereby, in many cases, the worst outcome is to force those responsible for the innovation to defend their requests in quantitative terms. As innovations cannot be proven to deliver results, the way to move forward is to take a step-wise approach and agree upon two main parameters that become the constraints for how to proceed: time and resources.

What we have seen is that complex innovations will be the result of a social process wherein the insights accumulating during the process will not be recognizable at the outset, but will gradually emerge through the collaboration nurtured during the process. Therefore the challenge is to find ways to mobilize the right people with the necessary knowledge, and give them a budget to proceed in incremental steps. To make this happen the work can be made more efficient if certain platforms are established to make the best possible use of the key innovation ingredients: people, money and knowledge.  Three such integrating platforms are: demonstration programs, factbases and collaboration portals. Each of these platforms can be supported by software solutions; to learn more about these solutions please visit Synocus Platforms

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