Practically and academically proven methodology.

The research tradition which served as the theoretical foundation for Synocus can be found in the book Strategy Safari by Professor Henry Mintzberg, Professor Mintzberg and his colleagues called it “the Scandinavian branch of the cultural school of strategic management”. One of the first internationally recognized research papers in this management tradition was by Professor Richard Normann, the founder of what today is Synocus, who in 1971 published an article in the Administrative Science Quarterly with the title “Organizational Innovativeness: Product Variation and Reorientation”. Synocus’ focus on providing Innovativeness as a ServiceTM therefore dates back to the roots of the company.

In line with the legacy of our company we have tried to maintain a close connection to relevant research communities, in order to be sure that our own frameworks and concepts are reliable and valid, both from a practical and theoretical perspective. Over the years, this tradition has produced a number of books, reports, and articles.