Wallin. John Wiley & Sons, 2006. (translated into Chinese by Tsinghua University Press in 2007.)

The book, Business Orchestration, written by Dr. Johan Wallin, established the conceptual framework for the development of Synocus’ eco-orchestration approach. Business Orchestration serves as a strategic guide for harnessing the business opportunities created by digital convergence through mobilizing and integrating the resources of a company’s partners and customers. Business Orchestration, an invaluable skill in today’s digital business environment, is defined as the combination of learning and value creation.  In this book, Dr. Wallin addresses the role of the manager as the orchestrator of a business, providing the organization with the opportunity and motivation necessary to foster growth and development leading to the formation of new capabilities.  This learning process is ongoing and is further facilitated by the constant availability of information brought about by digital convergence.  

The book explores four learning roles for customers (information acquirer, explorer, performer, inventor) as well as orchestrators (conductor, architect, auctioneer, promoter) and provides examples of successful leaders who embody these roles.