Wallin, Johan & Su, Jun. WSOY, 2010. 

This book, published by Dr. Johan Wallin (Synocus) and Professor Jun Su (Tsinghua University), presents a novel approach to solving the Grand Societal Challenges posed by truly global situations such as climate change. Due to the broad scope of such Grand Challenges, no single governmental, commercial or research organization is capable of resolving these challenges on its own. As such, solving these Grand Challenges requires extensive collaboration between organizations and across public and private sectors on a global scale. 

The book presents a collaborative approach for the formation of new innovation eco-systems which benefit from the unique resources, skills and expertise of organizations from the worlds of business, government and research. As the successful creation of such ecosystems relies on the active participation of a variety of organizations, this collaboration must provide the participants with concrete benefits in order to ensure their committed engagement. The book supports this theory with a series of case analyses which explore the formation and development of existing innovation networks in the technological and industrial fields.  Furthermore, Dr. Wallin and Prof. Su present a study of the electric vehicle industry and its rapid development over the past decade as a prime example of an industry which requires active multi-organizational, public-private and international collaboration.  

This book is a result of the productive collaboration between Synocus and Tsinghua University.  This collaborative relationship was formed in 2006 with the aim of developing mutually beneficial training and research activities for Finnish companies operating in China. Together Synocus and Tsinghua University created the bi-annual Sino-Finnish Innovativeness Forum to promote collaboration between businesses and public sector entities in the two countries.  

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