Ramírez & Wallin. John Wiley & Sons, 2000. (translated into Finnish and Swedish.)

In Prime Movers Johan Wallin and Rafael Ramirez analyze a number of Prime Movers, or companies which have been strong enough to change the rules of the game, providing a comprehensive understanding of the components of their success. 

Prime Movers are companies that not only adapt to changes in their market, but create changes and force others to follow them. Prime Movers have the ability to change an entire industry - or in some cases all of society. As a result, they gain a head start over the competition in growth markets. The authors identify a number of common denominators shared by these Prime Movers, these shared traits serve as the foundation for the organizational development necessary to become a global leader.

By identifying the traits which major Prime Movers, such as Microsoft, Disney, Ikea or Nokia, have in common, the authors present a series of steps for any company aiming to follow in the successful paths of these Prime Movers.

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