Offering design » Ramirent case study

Synocus’ offering design methodology recognizes the fundamental importance of viewing customers as parts of greater value creating systems.

The Challenge

Ramirent Group is one of the leading European players in the market for machinery and equipment rentals for the construction and industrial sector. To stay on its growth path Ramirent must continuously develop new value adding offerings. Having identified one possible new customer segment, Ramirent decided to engage Synocus as a partner when developing its offering for this segment, using Synocus’ Offering innovation –approach.

The Solution

Ramirent had handpicked some of its most demanding customers to get an in-depth view on how to develop the new niche offering. Synocus interviewed representatives from each of these customers. Through the feedback from customers, it was possible to envisage a modular structure for the new offering. Ramirent management together with Synocus developed a business plan for the new business line focusing on the new offering.

The Benefits

For some customers, Ramirent was able to immediately offer new services that the customers had been asking for. Ramirent also made an acquisition to strengthen the new service offering. The highly interactive way of working with clients suited the needs of Ramirent very well. Ramirent management decided subsequently to engage Synocus to support a scenario building exercise, to facilitate internal collaboration.

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Synocus has supported us when developing new more comprehensive service offerings for our largest customers. Synocus offers new ideas. This is not just blue sky thinking, but based on an in-depth understanding of our business. Such dedication is rarely found among management consultants. We have been very satisfied with the customer oriented culture of Synocus, and our relationship continues.

Kari Aulasmaa, Managing Director