Offering design » Rocla case study

Synocus’ offering design methodology recognizes the fundamental importance of viewing customers as parts of greater value creating systems.

The Challenge

Rocla develops, manufactures and markets electric warehouse trucks, automated guided vehicles, and provides supporting information services. Rocla’s service focused strategy is dependent on the capability to serve each customer with customized offerings. This requires a thorough understanding of the potential which different customer segments represent, and the buying behavior of key customers. Rocla involved Syncous to define the specific service levels for targeted customer segments, using Synocus’ offering innovation and customer base management –methodologies.

The Solution

Based on in-depth analyses of the logistics requirements of large logistics operators, Rocla expanded its range of services to maintain high availability of equipment within a customer equipment fleet. On one hand, single service modules were developed and offered as value added components to Rocla’s equipment. While on the other hand, Rocla also started to provide total maintenance solutions to improve the efficiency of fleet management.

The Benefits

The new integrated service concept proved highly valued by Rocla’s large customers. Within a year, Rocla had comprehensive service contracts with leading logistics companies such as Scottish & Newcastle, DHL, Transpoint and Tokmanni.

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We engaged Synocus to be able to strengthen the innovativeness of our own sales team, and jointly create a new service portfolio for our customers. Synocus’ approach was very practical, and we could very rapidly use the results when discussing with our customers, leading to new contracts and stronger customer relationships. Synocus fulfilled, and even exceeded, the expectations we had on the project.

Jukka Viinikainen, Director