Providing success for customers through disciplined creativity.

Our methodology

Our methodology, to drive innovation and strengthen the strategy of our customers, rests on three pillars: 

  • The core output of any successful innovation activity is an offering appealing to customers and providing value to the producer; innovativeness and strategy development is therefore ultimately about offering design. 
  • On-going updating of skills and competences is necessary to provide customers with value for their money; to remain competitive any organization must pursue constant capability building. 
  • Very few companies are in a situation where they can provide the solutions without external partners; to engage its partners purposefully the organization has to master the art of ecosystem orchestration.

Expertise through experience

Synocus has been a forerunner in strategy development based on ecosystem orchestration. Today we have a proven track record of approaching strategy development and value creation in an increasingly networked business context. We have learnt that the key challenge is to find the right balance between short and long term goals, between exploitation and exploration, efficiency and creativity. Today Synocus is the orchestration partner of choice, providing Innovativeness as a ServiceTM.