Synocus China » Sitra case study

Substance-rich dialogue between the business representatives and the technical expertise.

The Challenge

The Growth program for the Mechanical Engineering Industry of Sitra had identified a strong need among its customers to provide opportunities to better evaluate possibilities for collaboration with Chinese partners, either as suppliers or as industrial partners when operating in China. To enable an efficient exchange of experiences between China and Finland. 

The Solution

Synocus was engaged to prepare for the visit of the Sitra industrial delegation to China as well as supporting the delegation during the stay in Beijing and Shanghai. The preparations included the organizing of a one day seminar with both Chinese and Finnish speakers as well as company specific preparations to secure that the chosen targets for the visits would correspond to the business needs of the participants. In addition a half day reflective workshop was organized after the visit.

The Benefits

The participants in the delegation concluded after their study tour that the collaboration in China between public sector actors, the industry and the financial institutions were working apparently smoothly, and with great speed. This provides in many respect a competitive advantage for the Chinese companies, which also could be verified in the astonishing growth figures of some of the most successful companies visited. And these growth figures were for global operations, not just domestic growth in China. Using this information as a basis the participating companies were in several cases considerably changing their international strategy based upon their findings from this study tour.

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Our trip to Shanghai and Beijing confirmed that the Chinese have indeed created a very well functioning way of developing its mechanical engineering industry.

Markku Sjöstedt, Leading Specialist