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Progressive regional actors nurture and steer business development.

The Challenge

A major challenge for Region Skåne is how to create a successful growth trend in the region by constantly adapting the innovation system to allow new ideas and development areas to be seized upon. An efficiently functioning innovation system should also be able to pick up on ideas and innovators coming from companies and non-academic environments. 

The Solution

Synocus was involved as a facilitating partner when Region Skåne initiated an action learning process in order to develop, spread and use innovations within different industries, clusters and skills areas. In this way, the participants were offered an opportunity to identify one another and to see which further qualifications an innovator/entrepreneur can be channeled into. One of the activities was an international Peer Review group that was engaged to reflect upon the change process within the region. Synocus, as one member of this group, was evaluating the development alternatives for the mobile cluster within Region Skåne, Mobile Heights. The report, which was published in 2010 together with VINNOVA, is available for download, in pdf format, here

The Benefits

Synocus highlighted the importance of challenge-driven innovation in its input in the work of the Peer Review group. This input has later on been further emphasized, and is now one of the cornerstones of the innovation strategy of Region Skåne. The region has subsequently initiated a number of follow-up activities, in which Synocus also has been actively involved.

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The preconditions for promoting research based innovation processes have become the most important issue for growth and welfare policy in many OECD countries. This is the case in Skåne also, where long-term work has been initiated for developing the regional innovation system and strengthening the power of innovation.