Synocus China

Integrating Eastern and Western perspectives.

Synocus China provides Western and Chinese companies with support in their efforts to bridge the gap between East and West. Synocus’ comprehensive knowledge of the Chinese market has evolved as a result of our extensive experience in the market since our entry in 2005. 

Entering the Chinese market

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When Synocus entered the Chinese market in 2005 the first ambition was to support Western companies doing business in China. These operations began immediately and, over the years, Synocus has advised a number of Western companies and institutions in relation to their China strategy. 

Expanding operations

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The second phase of development focused on forming long-term relationships with leading Chinese authorities to build bridges between China and Europe. The first visible result of these efforts was the forming of a collaboration agreement with Tsinghua University in 2006, which has led to a number of joint projects between Synocus and Tsinghua University and other leading Chinese institutions in various industries and public sector domains.

The third phase has been to use the accumulated experiences to provide services for Chinese organizations both for domestic development but especially to support their internationalization efforts. In this phase the Sino Finnish Innovativeness Forum, initiated in 2009, has provided a platform for Synocus to gradually increase its orchestration of business activities between Europe and China. 

The build-up of the presence of Synocus in China has reflected the long term objective to address strategically relevant issues, which are of interest both for Western and Chinese organizations. To be able to provide insightful input when dealing with such issues, it was necessary for Synocus to establish good relationships with leading institutions and individuals. Some visible results of these efforts have been the publishing of a Chinese translation of Dr. Wallin’s book Business Orchestration, in 2007as well as the release of the book Innovation and Collaboration in a Harmonious World (co-written by Johan Wallin and Professor Jun Su of Tsinghua University) in 2010.

Experience in China

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By institutionalizing its role as a bridge builder between China and Finland through the Sino-Finnish Innovativeness Forum, Synocus has been able to form valuable contacts within selected industries. The mechanical engineering industry, wherein Synocus carried out the three-year Glocal Metals program is one such example.  Synocus has also been working actively with Chinese and Finnish companies and authorities in the area of elderly care, where Synocus has been involved with projects with leading cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Baoding as well as Helsinki and Espoo in addition to numerous private companies. Synocus has also built outsourcing arrangements with one of the leading Chinese software companies. 

The most visible impact, however, has been in the field of green technologies. Synocus, through the Eco Urban Living initiative, has engaged a large network of companies, research organizations and institutions involved in addressing the challenge of climate change and the development of non-fossil energy. Using its experience, Synocus has supported organizations when forming their strategies, looking for cooperation partners, recruiting managers, building training programs, or organizing different forms of events.

Case studies