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The Challenge

Tamro, a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler in Northern Europe, identified limitations and inflexibility in their spreadsheet-based management accounting solution. Additionally, producing the monthly post-calculation figures was both time-consuming and error-prone. Thus, management decided to look for an improvement in the quality and performance of its activity-based management solution.

The Solution

Tamro selected Synocus’ Agile ABC software, which provides a highly sophisticated and cost-effective solution for activity management, providing detailed reporting and tracking elements for pricing and cost management. The four-month implementation project in 2008 - 2009 used Synocus’ agile method – emphasizing a disciplined stepwise implementation, which enabled a short delivery time at a competitive price. The solution was adapted to match the Tamro’s new organizational model in 2011. The adaptation project was implemented in tight co-operation between Tamro and Synocus utilizing experiences from the previous collaboration.

The Benefits

The Agile ABC solution immediately provided concrete benefits for Tamro’s finance and sales departments by saving time in the cost calculation process, providing better analytical information about principals, and offering more reliable profitability information for critical pricing decisions.

Synocus’ ABC solution offers the essence of Activity Based Management without being too bureaucratic to manage.

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The achieved business benefits were significant, and the payback time of the Agile ABC investment was less than six months.

Kim Österberg , Business Controller