Capability building » Valmet Automotive case study

Valmet Automotive transformed from a contract manufacturer to a full service provider.

The Challenge

Valmet Automotive has comprehensive experience in the flexible and high-quality manufacturing of premium cars. As the producer of Porsche’s Cayman and Boxster cars, Valmet Automotive has been rated number one in quality in its category a number of times by research organization J.D. Power. However, the role of contract manufacturers quickly changed in the beginning of the 2000s, and Valmet Automotive had to look for new niche segments to provide opportunities for continued growth.

The Solution

Synocus was engaged to support the development of a new orchestrated business model which would enable Valmet Automotive to serve as a full service provider for global automobile manufacturers. This new business model has been applied both for Valmet Automotive’s electric vehicle projects and for its integrated engineering and manufacturing solutions for OEMs.

The Benefits

Following the launch of the new strategy, Valmet Automotive has grown quickly through the acquisition of operations in Germany and Poland, but also through organic growth. The new orchestration based business model is actively communicated both within the company and to its key partners, customers, and suppliers alike. In addition the cooperation between Valmet Automotive and Synocus has also resulted in the formation of the Eco Urban Living consortium, which is a means to further strengthen the emergent Finnish electric vehicle ecosystem to benefit both Valmet Automotive and its partners. A further indication of the success of the new business model adopted by Valmet Automotive was the signing in 2013 of a full service contract with Mercedes Benz for the manufacturing of its A-Class vehicles.

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Accessing our key partners, we can provide all the necessary technologies and competences for any customer rapidly, flexibly and cost-efficiently. This ecosystem orchestration is possible thanks to the trust we have achieved managing projects and ensuring quality in the automotive industry for more than 40 years.

Ilpo Korhonen, President