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Challenge-Driven Innovation represents the new strategic direction of VINNOVA.

The Challenge

VINNOVA has actively been inviting international experts to provide views on how the next generation of innovation policy should be designed. One input into this strategy making was to gather a group of researchers to address the question of how the Post Cluster Innovation Policy would look. The purpose was to address policy issues concerning the internationalization of clusters and innovation systems. The expectation was that this would also assist in setting out the future strategic direction of VINOVA.

The Solution

Synocus addressed this question through an action learning approach, wherein a number of interviews and workshops with practitioners were used to outline the requirements for a successful model of ecosystem orchestration that would support the needs of entrepreneurs. These findings were summarized in a Chapter in the Vinnova publication The Matrix – Post Cluster Innovation Policy. The analysis by Synocus focused on how clusters emerge, the role governments can take to support the growth of clusters or ecosystems, the role of the orchestrator during the different stages of cluster or ecosystem evolution as well as the implications of all this on policy formulation. 

The Benefits

This first invention by Synocus was later followed up by several other activities, which further sharpened the crystallization of the new challenge-driven innovation strategy of VINNOVA. One output of this work is the report "Regional Innovation Policy in Transition". The outcomes of these interventions contributed to the formation of the new strategy for VINNOVA. This strategy was declared and publicly launched during spring 2011, and Challenge-Driven Innovation now forms the strategic foundation for VINNOVA. (see VINNOVA's website for more information.)

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The Swedish innovation system has to be continuously developed to enable Sweden to compete in a global market for skills, capital and future jobs. To address this VINNOVA's new strategy focuses on challenge-driven innovation.

Charlotte Brogren, Director General