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2 May 2017

Attractive innovation environment Tekes study published

Synocus was selected, in spring 2016, by Finland’s public innovation funding organization Tekes to carry out an ex-post and forward-looking analysis of how attractive Finland is as an environment for innovation. Synocus invited the participation of two internationally recognized experts, Norwegian Professor Jan Fagerberg, a leading authority in innovation theory, and Tokyo University Professor Takahiro Fujimoto, who has been doing research on lean management since the 1980s.

The study began by defining what an attractive innovation environment is. Through an analysis of the findings of past evaluations of Tekes and its programs, and benchmarking other countries, the study concluded that the attractiveness of an innovation environment depends on system-wide efforts.

The study puts forward a series of recommendations for which conclude that there is a need for a new conceptual framework to deal with the issue of attractiveness. This framework is called a Lean National Innovation System. Using this framework, the authors make their recommendations. These recommendations deal with three aspects of an attractive innovation environment: its governance principles, continuous strengthening of governmental capabilities, and inserting businesses and research institutions in strategic global networks.

Synocus is actively applying the principles suggested in the Tekes study, and is now working on the formation of innovation ecosystems in the four sectors highlighted in the report:

  • social and healthcare systems,
  • urban transportation,
  • adaptive manufacturing ecosystems, and
  • waste management and recycling.

For those interested in receiving more information about Synocus’s ongoing initiatives in these areas, please contact Johan Wallin or Patrik Laxell (email addresses are in the form of: first name.last name [at]

The study can be downloaded from Tekes’s website.