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9 February 2016

Capability development paths for urban innovation at Rome SMS conference

Synocus has been actively involved with cities in Finland, Sweden, and China relating to their innovation processes. Based on the findings from this work, a paper by Johan Wallin, titled “Capability paths for urban innovation”, has been selected for inclusion in the upcoming Strategic Management Society’s Rome Conference on innovation, entrepreneurship, and coopetition.

This theme is a central component of the Synocus Group’s work, evident in the recently completed Systemic Architectures for Sustainable Urban Innovation (SASUI) program, a nationally funded program, which studied innovation and public-private-people partnerships in the context of sustainable urban development. This topic is also at the core of the work taking place within the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities (WALCC) network, where Synocus also has an active role.

For more information on the SMS Special Conference, please see the Society’s website.

Find more information on the Synocus Group’s work in the SASUI program here.