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16 October 2014

SmartCityHub: the City of Porvoo and Posintra supporting the cleantech industry

Beginning in the spring of 2014, the City of Porvoo and regional development company Posintra began a long-term co-operative effort with a number of the region’s leading companies in the interest of advancing the cleantech industry. The City of Porvoo and Posintra are both members of the SmartCityHub initiative which seeks to identify possible areas for collaboration between the industry’s companies in Southern Finland. The partnership is motivated by a desire to strengthen and bring together Porvoo’s expertise.

 Domestic markets have proven too small for many Finnish cleantech companies and the industry’s international markets are growing fast. Finnish small and mid-size companies face a number of challenges including their small size, lack of pilot facilities and references, as well as an insufficient understanding of international market demands.

 New models for co-operation between companies and the City have been developed in private meetings and workshops facilitated by the Synocus Group. Interviews have shown that companies are interested in collaborations which allow them to develop their own performance and gain new tools for success while also supporting the City’s environmental goals.

  • Technologies which improve energy-efficiency are an excellent example of an area in which the combined efforts of the City, local residents, and companies can help to speed-up their adoption. Deputy Mayor Fredrick von Schoultz noted that the City began development efforts in this area in September.
  • The SmartCityHub initiative also aims to strengthen the ecosystems and business environments of participating companies along through cooperation with the City. The collection of businesses in Kilpilahti are a great example of this, representing world-leading expertise in biofuels and environmentally-friendly plastics. According to von Schoultz, the coming planning process will take into account how the City of Porvoo, local property owners, and business networks can, together with other parties in the area, can participate in this co-operation.

The City of Porvoo has been a national forerunner in its support of the cleantech industry. The new residential area along with the related development of energy-efficient building services in the Skaftkär area have served as a spearhead for these efforts. The Kilpilahti industrial area of Porvoo is the center of a notable collection of businesses in the environmental goods & services and bioeconomy sectors which shows remarkable growth potential.

The SmartCityHub initiative has surveyed over 40 cleantech industry businesses in the Eastern Uusimaa region and identified their interest in entering into cooperation with the City. The co-operation under development marks the beginning of the City’s efforts to turn the environmental goals of its Economic Development and Competitiveness Program into practice together with participating companies.

Funding for the initiative comes from the Regional Council of Päijät-Häme and the European Regional Development Fund of Southern Finland. The initiative benefits from the participation of the following partners: Lahti Regional Development LADEC (coordinator), Kouvola Innovation, the University of Helsinki, the City of Turku / the Turku Region Development Center, and Posintra.

For further information, please contact:
City of Porvoo, Deputy Mayor Fredrick von Schoultz, phone: 040 554 1586, email:
Posintra, program director Leena Tuomi, phone: 040 730 5440, email:
Synocus Group, Patrik Laxell, phone: 040 730 2676, email: