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5 June 2013

Taking Finnish innovation efforts from the regional to the global

An evaluation of the Finnish Center of Expertise Programme by Synocus was published in the beginning of June. This evaluation has concluded that successful innovations require a global perspective. This assessment of the Centre of Expertise Programme was based on a thorough review of related literature, two extensive surveys, corporate analyses and interviews, as well as numerous workshops and discussions conducted with various experts and participants of the program as well as the steering group appointed by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

This evaluation also provides guidance for the new  INKA program (“Innovative Cities”). The evaluation’s recommendations highlight seven key activities necessary for a region to be truly innovative:

  1. Shifting from a cluster based focus to an ecosystem focus
  2. Strengthening support for collaboration between companies
  3. Integrating international expertise into innovation activities
  4. Increasing the role of demonstrations and pilot programs
  5. Focusing on orchestration capabilities
  6. Increasing the competitiveness of publicly funded projects
  7. Implementing more clearly defined goals, targets, and responsibilities for innovation activities

For a detailed account of the evaluation’s findings as well as more information on its implications for the future (a brief summary is available in English) as well as to download the entire evaluation report (In Finnish) please visit the Ministry of Employment and the Economy’s website.