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13 December 2018

Synocus supports WALCC and AVM in engaging Nordic Innovation network

Synocus joined the Nordic Cluster Meet Up on November 1st, 2018, in Copenhagen. This offered the opportunity to engage directly with innovation organizations and clusters involved in the development of new mobility

solutions and technologies throughout the Nordics.

The experiences from the AVM ecosystem gained great interest. It was agreed that the WALCC and Synocus will join forces with other Nordic partners to apply for funding for a project called ‘Architecture for Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity’. The first phase of the project would lay the groundwork for a subsequent phase, which would build a systems and social architecture that could be used for demonstration purposes, when establishing new infrastructures to support the growing number of electric vehicles in cities.

Providing that the project gets funding, this project will offer Synocus and the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities a strong foothold in the Nordic innovation network.