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About us

Forerunner in ecosystem orchestration

We have been a forerunner in developing the practice of ecosystem orchestration since the late 1990s. We bring stakeholders together to form ecosystems that provide extraordinary performance. Our methods are strongly rooted in theory. Our key values are personal growth, customer orientation, and fair process.

Think Big. Act Small. Move Fast.

The first part of Synocus comes from the word synopsis, recognizing the need to rapidly and crisply understand the big picture; think big. The second part derives from the word focus, which reminds us of the importance to identify where the immediate benefits are; act small. Thirdly, by combining these two words in the name Synocus, we introduce a new language, which is the main tool for us to be able to increase the speed of learning together with our partners; move fast. Synocus thus represents our ethos.

Our Values

Personal Growth

Synocus, being a truly knowledge-based organization, rests on the unique skills and competencies of its individual members. The firm benefits from the personal growth of its employees and partners. Through the growth of these individuals, the firm will grow as well. The main role of management and leadership is to provide the right context for this growth.

Customer Orientation

Synocus creates value for and with its partners by cultivating and developing relationships over time. By continuously developing new capabilities Synocus can provide partners with new innovative offerings. Complementing the partner’s capabilities means that Synocus is committed to their long-term success. Often, this implies shifting the perspective from the ‘urgent’ to better recognize the ‘important’.

Fair Process

Synocus must strike a balance between satisfying the interests of its most important stakeholders: the professionals, the customers, the owners, the company itself, and the society, in this order. Only through the efforts of motivated and competent professionals can Synocus continuously create value. These efforts produce financial gains, which may then be distributed to the owners and society.


Synocus has its roots in the Swedish organization SIAR – Scandinavian Institute for Administrative Research, established by professors Eric Rhenman and Richard Normann in the late 1960s. In the early 1980s, Richard Normann moved on from SIAR to form SMG (Service Management Group), including what today is Synocus. Faithful to its origin Synocus has continued to actively support clinical research, combining practical experiences with academic reflections.

Synocus has been a forerunner in developing the practice of ecosystem orchestration since the late 1990s. Our orchestration activities were further boosted in 2017 when the Finnish government initiated a call for new ecosystem initiatives, through which three out of eleven initiatives approved featured Synocus as an orchestration partner.

Methods backed by research

In line with the legacy of the company, Synocus has maintained a close connection to relevant research communities, in order to be sure that our own frameworks and concepts are reliable and valid, both from a practical and theoretical perspective.

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