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10 October 2019

Report on the New Logic of Urban Innovation published at the WALCC Autumn Forum

Cities as game changers

Today’s cities must deal with a growing number of challenges, climate change being a major one. City managers must provide a better place to live for their residents in the present

while making decisions about how to address the long-term challenges.

The New Logic of Urban Innovation report, co-created by Synocus, the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities, and the Nordic Urban Mobility Ecosystem, introduces transcendent innovation as a new way for cities to combine the immediate and long-term perspectives in their development work. There are different ways to drive change: visionary leadership, strategic management, and enabling orchestration. By using examples from the Nordic capitals, the report offers concrete suggestions for how the principles of transcendent innovation can be applied in urban mobility. The report concludes that there is a common Nordic way of working that can lead the way when cities move to the next level of urban innovation.

Please download a pdf copy of the report here