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11 November 2019

MEX Finland ry receives Growth Engine status from Business Finland

On November 1st MEX Finland ry was awarded Growth Engine status from Business Finland. The decision came with a pledge to fund half of the Adaptive Industrial Loops (AIL) project until the end of 2021. The project

involves, at this, stage fourteen companies with orchestration support from Synocus. Through AIL, the ecosystem aims to attain global leadership in seamless integration of product design, manufacturing, and end-user value creation processes.

The central thesis of MEX Finland is that broad collaboration between different actors in the manufacturing field is needed in order to constantly adjust activities based on changing business conditions. The AIL project adheres to sustainability requirements through circular thinking, which encourages reusability and resourcefulness in all value creation activities.

Growth Engine is a term used by Business Finland referring to cooperation networks, or ecosystems, that have the potential of creating new business activities that amount to over a billion euros. The ecosystems, like MEX Finland, are partnerships between companies, research organizations, and public actors.

MEX Finland’s mission is to achieve leadership in advanced industrial equipment and processes. The partner companies are pursuing digital and sustainable transformation in the engineering and manufacturing of industrial equipment and related advanced manufacturing services. The MEX Finland ecosystem welcomes new members from business, government, and research organizations to join the transformation of manufacturing solutions.

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