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28 January 2022

Together with Wärtsilä Synocus initiates the New Open Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem OSME

Synocus, as orchestrator of the Business Finland growth engine MEX Finland, has joined with the technology group Wärtsilä to bring together a group of complementary partners (Fastems, Leinolat, Prohoc, Roima Intelligence, Tasowheel, and VTT), in establishing a new manufacturing ecosystem. The Open Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem (OSME) initiative will be integrated with Wärtsilä’s Smart Technology Hub in Vaasa to transform manufacturing collaboration and promote knowledge sharing.

The OSME initiative is based on Wärtsilä’s belief that it is important to modernize production to better meet market needs. The Smart Technology Hub sees Wärtsilä operate as a network company, and the OSME initiative engages, supports, and leverages the skills and strengths of its partners.

According to Vesa Riihimäki, Wärtsilä’s Vice President, Production and Procurement “This initiative is an important part of our vision for the Smart Technology Hub ecosystem. Our goal is to innovate sustainable technology and services so that our customers can continuously improve their environmental efficiency and financial performance. We strongly believe that the OSME initiative provides a platform where we can share manufacturing solutions, data, and ideas to create a network of excellence at both the national and international levels. In this way, Wärtsilä and other ecosystem partners will be able to adapt to market needs and innovate, as well as lead the transition to carbon-free operations in our industry”.

OSME partner companies each complement the capabilities of the network. By emphasizing creativity and collaborating, an integrated approach can be developed where information, capabilities, technology, systems, and solutions to common problems can be shared. This leads to a more flexible value chain based on decentralized production as a differentiating factor.

At present, manufacturing is facing an unprecedented change. Lead times are shortened, quality and durability requirements are tightened, and traceability requirements strengthen the links between suppliers and customers. In addition, there is a growing need to reduce emissions and the carbon footprint of operations. No company can meet these challenges alone, and the OSME initiative addresses them through four pillars:

In manufacturing, openness means sharing, which, over time, builds trust. The long-term cooperation of OSME members is based on trust.

Intelligence means focusing on continuous learning as action and change shape the way we move forward. OSME members are constantly considering alternative scenarios, evaluating new situations as they arise, and moving forward with an open and learning mind.

Finland is one of the most productive countries in Europe. Building on this strength, OSME is using digitalization to drive a shift in production toward greater sustainability and efficiency.

Succeeding in collaboration starts with committed individuals who share a strong goal. OSME strives to motivate and engage individuals to become the world’s most inspiring community for manufacturing professionals.

The OSME partnership also includes a growing number of affiliates that will bring additional strengths to the network. The first associates are ABB, Fliq, Nimetech, Sandvik, Valmet Automotive, and the University of Vaasa.


For more information please check the MEX Finland pages and Wärtsilä’s press release