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Battery Ecosystem

Electrification of transport as growth platform

By entering manufacturing contracts with Think, Fisker Automotive, and Garia in 2008, Valmet Automotive took a leap of faith trusting that EVs will be the future of transport. Over ten years this development has established a recognized competence center. This will now drive Valmet Automotive’s electric vehicle ambitions through an increased focus on EV systems.

What we do


Valmet Automotive will use its advanced contract manufacturing systems platform as the platform when expanding the  battery manufacturing operations.


The competitive advantage of Valmet Automotive and its ecosystem partners will be in effectively integrating industrial expertise  with the customer’s product design.

New products

The first high-voltage battery system for an electric wheel loader will be followed by a stream of new products to be launched 2019-2020

Valmet Automotive will rapidly scale up its battery manufacturing capability to benefit from the growing demand for batteries


"The battery manufacturing competence center in Uusikaupunki has been established through intensive collaboration with partners and customers. Business Finland will help us to expand internationally."
Jari Mattila, Director, Product development
Valmet Automotive
"Roima is not only a partner of Valmet Automotive, but an elemental part of the Uusikaupunki plant. Through the battery ecosystem collaboration this partnership will be brought to a new level."
Jukka Ropponen, CEO
Roima Intelligence


"Since 2008 Valmet Automotive has been building an international battery ecosystem with Tsinghua University, CATL, Synocus and other strategic partners. The full impact of this is expected in the 2020s."
Pasi Rannus, Senior Vice President & Johan Wallin, Managing Partner
Manufacturing Business Line, Valmet Automotive & Synocus

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