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Accelerating intralogistics services

The Intralogistixx (IXX) ecosystem serves as a platform for accelerating internationalization, and transforming the field of intralogistics, thereby becoming a leading authority in intralogistics. The IXX ecosystem addresses comprehensive industrial logistics, customer-oriented trade, and forms a digital cooperation platform to respond to the needs of the increasingly fast-paced field of intralogistics. Synocus has a strong role in the ecosystem and oversees the development of an enduring community.

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We bring forward integrated transformation initiatives

Advanced solutions

The R&D project portfolio drives the realization of the identified growth potential. Innovation projects leverage on cross-sectoral integrated collaborations with customers and emerging technology fields.

Accelerating growth

Bringing up-to-date knowledge on needs in the marketplace and the means to address these needs through pilots and demonstration initiatives, as well as engaging external partners that will speed up change and improve innovativeness.

Expertise in transformation

The Intralogistixx ecosystem is supported by the complementary strengths of the corporations at its helm. Rocla, Posti, Orfer, and Cimcorp contributing a deep understanding of the requirements of the industry.



"Rocla Solutions has been a key actor with Synocus in driving forward the Intralogistixx ecosystem. Intralogistixx provides us with the opportunity and tools to step forward with our ambition to become a game-changer in the field."
Jukka Viinikainen, Managing Director
Rocla Solutions
"For both an SME like Orfer and a large international corporation like Cimcorp, there is a crucial need to find the right partners for growth. This ecosystem has opened for us many new collaborations in terms of both innovation development but also more commercial opportunities."
Jussi Muikku, CEO & Tero Peltomäki, Vice President, Business Development
Orfer & Cimcorp


"Through the ecosystem the members can update their current products into future-proof services. This will bring forward a transformation in the field with Finland as a center of excellence."
Patrix Laxell, Associate Partner

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